What You Get From Your Membership...

If you've ever felt under appreciated or taken for granted at times by clients, a BMN membership will open new doors for you and help you take your practice in a new direction.

  • A new way to work with clients - have more fun and make more money!
  • The 'field-tested' Profit Improvement Program - fully documented and ready to go!
  • Marketing & PR tools and resources
  • Access to specialist skills of other members
  • Branding as part of a bigger organization - stop your biggest clients from leaving for bigger firms
  • New client opportunities from our national and regional PR and marketing
  • Increased referrals from new and existing clients
  • Higher perception by key intermediaries such as Bankers, Lawyers, Financial Planners, etc
  • Networking with like-minded practitioners
  • Quarterly Newsletter 'The Mentor'.
  • Annual Conference
  • Your own 'BMN Members Only' DVD training library
  • Coaching in using and applying the tools provided

Take control back of your practice

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Canadian Public Accounting Firms - Welcome To The Wheel

The 'Wheel' below, describes our outlook of a never-ending cycle of advisory services that your clients want from you.

Join us today and let's get started in helping you - and your clients - build a better business.

Instead of being seen as simply the year-end guy (or gal), wouldn't you rather be seen as a positive influence on your clients? Would you like to be able to really add value to your clients' businesses? And in the process would you like to make more money for yourself too?

Then what are you waiting for? Join the BMN today!


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