Business Owners ...

Let's be honest. Brutally honest, ok?

We know you really don't want an Accountant, but have to have one. We know you don't wake up in the morning yelling 'Today's going to be a fabulous day - the auditors are coming in!'

We know you don't enjoy paying tax, and want to keep that cost of doing business as painless as possible.

We know.

We get it. That's why where here.

Since Accounting began, it's inadvertantly set itself up as being boring or dull, and we're sure you've seen the Monty Python skit about the Chartered Accountant.

Forget everything you've ever seen or heard about Accountants thus far...

OK, so now, we're going to ask you to break the mould. Forget everything you've ever seen or heard about Accountants thus far. This is something (as the guys at Monty Python would say) completely different.

How would you like to work with an accounting firm that wasn't focused on the past, but more concerned with helping you build the future?

We are sure your present accounting firm has never asked: 'If you could see the financial impact of every business decsion you make - BEFORE you made it, would that be something you'd be interested in?' Otherwise, you wouldn't be at this site. But a BMN member can do just that - with one of the tools they undertake to implement as a part of their membership commitment.

Do you want your accountant to feel like a part of your team?

Unfortunately many accountants are seen as an annual intruder who 'tut-tuts' at your bookkeeping errors, tells you what they are down to the last penny but doesn't explain how you could put it right, or offer any constructive comments on how to develop your business going forward.

BMN members are different. They think different, they act different, they get results for you.

If you've heard enough and want to explore how you can work with one of our members, please contact us at


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