This has been a long time coming, as the idea was originally formulated several years ago. One of Steve’s first consulting clients in Canada, Steven Walker, CA,  has become a close friend over the years and together they are launching the Business Mentors Network in the Fall of 2014.



If you’re tired of being under-utilized by clients who see their year-end compliance work simply as a pain in the backside, then we have some great news for you.

Our founders have both built highly successful accounting firms themselves, and both based their success on providing value-added services to their more entrepreneurial clients.

These services were billed based on value – not the time it took to deliver the service, and as such, they made way more money than their competitors.

Now, they’re both ready to share their secrets with members of the Business Mentors Network.

So, what will you get for your money?

- Access to the password-protected ‘Members Only’ section of our website, containing many valuable tools to help you win more new clients (such as templates of  marketing emails).

- ‘Members Only’ quarterly coaching by Steve McIntyre-Smith and Steven Walker, CA.

- Exclusive articles written only for our members, full of great ideas to help you make more money.

- Pre-produced PowerPoint marketing slides and materials to promote the seminars.

- The use of Steven Walker’s proprietary ‘Profit Improvement Program’ to sell consulting services to your clients.

- Access to other members' skills – don’t have an HST expert? Keep the work in house by outsourcing it (at preferential rates) to another BMN member in a different city - helping you to offer a wider range of services by pooling our collective talents, and helping you to retain your bigger clients.

- Additional revenue streams, by being that HST expert (or any other skill) in the previous point (above) receive a fair return for your effort from our members who could utilize your specific expertize.

- Quarterly newsletter, ‘The Mentor’.

- Free entry to our annual conference, with additional spaces available to purchase.

- Access to Steve McIntyre-Smith’s ‘Towards Awesome Client Service’ proprietary modular client service program, built to help you win more new business via referrals. This sells for $999 online - you get it as a part of your membersdhip fees.

- Access to ‘Breakthrough’ a coaching program exclusively for the public accounting professional. (Steve McIntyre-Smith's consulting clients pay him $650 + taxes per month for this service alone). For BMN members this will be available in small groups.

- Members-only blog.

- Free website audit. Let's face it, most accounting firm websites are, well... crap. Let us perform an audit on your site and give you some advice on how to make your site more profitable for you. Free of charge.

- Buying Power - as we grow we anticipate having some considerable buying power to negotiate savings exclusively for our members on many things you have to buy to run your practice, such as Professional Indemnity Insurance as an example.

- Additional coaching to help you become successful (over and above the standard membership benefits) will also be available at very reasonable rates from Steven Walker and/or Steve McIntyre-Smith.

All of the above, and more, can be yours for just $449 per month. 

But wait. Charter Members (Those who join in our first year) will secure a reduced rate of just $349 per month - locked-in for the first two years.


Just a few comments from those attending previous courses (We have hundreds of quotes like these) to give you an idea of what to expect from our annual members conference

“I attended the 2013 ‘Discover the Gold’ Sessions in Markham and within two weeks
had generated $20,000 in business advisory fees
Without the course I would not have been able to do this.’


"Steve’s Partner Bootcamp was among the best practice management courses I have attended. 
Much of the information presented aligned perfectly with what we have planned to do in our practice.
The course provided motivation going forward, as it affirmed that we are on the right track in many areas, but gave additional ideas for areas that we may not have been.

I appreciated Steve’s presentation style; many accounting-related courses can be difficult to
stay awake through, but this was not one of them."


"Fantastic presentation and real life examples - one of the best courses I’ve attended!"


"Steve is a fantastic presenter, puts the info across very well & in an entertaining style."


There are many more that we could share with you, but you probably get the drift by now, right?



Love what you do again! Work with clients who want to take their businesses to the next level, and see YOU as the person to help them get there.

- Start being seen as an integral part of your clients' management team.

- Start being asked thought-provoking questions by clients, and get that experience and knowledge you worked so hard to acquire working - for your clients - and for you!

- Start providing value-added services to clients and charge for value, not time.

- Start having a lot more fun at work!

These are exciting times ahead for Canadian Public Accounting firms and the clients they serve.

We are here to show you how to develop a business advisory function within your firm, we will coach you to success, and we'll help you provide new services to clients that will make you a lot more money, and you'll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

REAL Accountants don't sell time - they sell their knowledge, in the form of solutions to problems. As such, BMN members think their way to a better life, both for their clients, and for themselves.

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